It's planting time!

The rains have been good and we're busy acquiring and distributing native fruit trees.  We've even been expanding to several new villages.   Mostly we're focusing on Mango Madam Francique this season.  It's a native fruit tree to Haiti, and it's mangoes are so delicious Whole Foods Market goes out of its way to import them every summer. 


It's been a while - but we're still busy planting trees!




We've been a bit quiet of late - in part because the fall is a quiet time of year for planting, but also because, as a volunteer run organization here in Raleigh, sometimes we get busy doing other stuff!

But here's some news from Haiti...

We've distributed all the lemon trees that we raised.  This is great news, lemon trees grow fast and provide a really valuable crop to the local people.  It's a win-win.  We tackle deforestation and provide a valuable cash crop.

Those lemon trees that were planted two years ago are growing nicely and have started to produce lemons.  These trees survived the drought really well.  We'll be planting more lemons in the future!

We're in the process of figuring out the budget for next year so we can buy seedlings and plant more trees.  We're also thinking about creating a tree nursery up in the mountain so the people who live up there won't have to come down to get trees.

As always - we appreciate all the support!   

8,000 trees in 2016

Just a quick update on last year -  we planted 6,000 hardwoods and 2,000 citrus trees in 2016!  

Our previous totals:

2011 - 600 mango trees, 15,000 hardwood seedlings.
2013 - 3,200 mango, lemon, orange, and grapefruit.
2014 - 1,800 mango
2015 - 2,400 mango and lemon trees.

So our running total is about 31,000 trees since the start of our project and we've got big plans for 2017.


Committees are meeting!

Although we are based in Raleigh, the real work gets done in Haiti!   This weekend, committees in the villages that we work with are meeting to discuss tree planting plans for the year.

Once they've formulated their plans, they will submit a proposal and budget to us.   We'll review and then fund the proposal, or suggest modifications.   A key part of the proposal is that they use our methods for record keeping so that we can track the trees that are planted and how the money is spent.   

We're honored and excited to be working with such dedicated people who are truly passionate about reforestation and creating a more sustainable environment in Haiti.

Our plans for 2017.

We've got a lot planned for 2017!

Community Tree Nurseries

We're rebuilding our existing nursery that was damaged by Hurricane Matthew and we plan to build another nursery in Bedard.  We will use the tree seedlings that were recovered after the hurricane plus some new ones...

New Trees!

We're going to be planting seeds for citrus fruit trees and we're in the process of costing out buying Mango Francique seeds.   As a side note - you can buy these types of Mangoes in Whole Foods and other stores in the USA - why not try some next time you are out shopping!

 Delicious Mangoes!

Delicious Mangoes!

We will also shop and buy the best mango seedlings in April and May to supplement our seeds.

We anticipate growing several thousand trees in each location and then distributing them to the local people in May.  

It's going to be a busy year!   Stay posted for more news and please consider a donation to help us with these projects.   The Haiti Tree Project is entirely volunteer run from Raleigh NC.