The Haiti Tree Project

Plant trees. Create a future.

The Haiti Tree Project is a non-profit organization that works to reforest rural Haiti by directly funding community-led efforts. We support organized village leadership committees that grow native fruit and hardwood trees.

Our goal is to establish an environmentally sustainable, tree-based agricultural economy in rural Haiti.

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The problem

Less than 2% of Haiti’s forest remains

In 2011 we visited a small village in the mountains near Cavaillon, Haiti.

We spoke to the elders and asked them what was the greatest problem facing their community.

They replied:

“In just the last 30 years, we’ve cut down almost all our trees. When we were young, we lived in a jungle, a great canopy above us, all kinds of fruits hung high in the trees. Life was easy, blissful. The sounds of birds and trickling water… one never forgets.

Now, without shade, the sun is unbearable. We have to work hard to produce food. When it rains, it rains so hard all the soil rushes down the mountain taking our goats, sheep and the even the banks of the river with it. Our lives have slowly filled with misery.

In the beginning, we had food but not so much cash. If you burned one tree for charcoal, you provided $50 for a family member to go to the hospital, or send a child to school. We thought we had to cut the trees to make our lives better. Now, with little rain or good soil, our crops don’t grow. We have to cut trees just to survive. One grown tree is now worth $200! The demand for charcoal from the city is just too great.

We should have planted more than we cut a long time ago."

The solution

Create a tree planting culture.

We support the vision of the community:

1.Build a permanent community-owned tree nursery that can grow over 20,000 trees per year and provide income for local development projects.

2. Enable 2,000 local families to grow trees from home where women and children can care for the seedlings.

3. Reforest protected land on the mountains above the springs where over 3,000 families get their drinking water.

How we help

Our approach is unique.

We work directly with the communities to fund seedlings, build nurseries and provide education on reforestation and sustainable agriculture.

We support leadership committees with legal non-profit status that incorporate women into major leadership roles and use volunteers in labor intensive activities.

We require legal contracts that guarantee land protection before we support its reforestation with a variety of native fruit and hardwood trees.

So far, our results have been impressive

We financed the distribution of over 23,000 fruit and hardwood trees to local landowners over the last 4 years.

Random surveys show a 60-90% survival depending on tree species and occurrence of drought.

We have successfully partnered with the local communities and built a strong and lasting relationship with them built on mutual trust and respect.

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How you can help

We need your support.

Help us to create a tradition of planting trees that gives the Haitian people ownership of a brighter future.

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Ulitimately it comes down to money. We need donations to support our efforts.

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