Project History

Tree planting Statistics:

We've planted a lot of trees!

2011 - 600 mango trees were planted and 90% survived the first year, growing 6 feet high.                15,000 hardwood seedlings were planted as well.

2013 - 3200 fruit trees were planted on private lands by landowners usually near homes or                gardens where they are easier to care for – mango, lemon, orange, and grapefruit.  

2014 - 1,800 mango Mango "Madam Francique" were again given to land owners. These are the      mangoes that people in the US see in Whole Foods Stores.

2015 - 2,400 mango and lemon trees distributed to land owners.                                                        8,000 hardwood trees of 4 different varieties were distributed to landowners

2016 -  3,000 fruit trees including lemon, orange, and grapefruit were planted by landowners.          5,000 hardwood were grown and planted on mountainsides including Sed, Chen, Nago,                  and Acacia. 

2017 - 2,500 fruit trees, mostly citrus and mango Madam Francique, were distributed to                  landowners for planting.                                                                                                                      5,000 hardwoods were grown and planted on mountainsides including Sed, Chen, Nago,                  and Acacia.

2018 - 3,500 fruit trees distributed by March to landowners across 5 villages.                                    Following a new approach, we are currently supporting 3 community tree nurseries that                    grow both fruit and hardwood trees to plant on mountainsides.  We are looking for more                  community tree nurseries in need of support.   

2019 - Working with communities in LeSucrerie to plant coffee as well as Mango. Coffee is a great shade crop.

Other Activities:

The Haiti Tree Project is more than just a tree distribution charity. Equally important, is our educational role.

- We run educational seminars for landowners on land management and tree care before we distribute trees.
- We provide education to high school students and distribute trees in the schools.
- We follow-up after distribution to verify all trees are planted or cared for using a variety of survey methods.

Current Projects

We are currently planning several expansions of the project. Some of these are already underway.

1. We have establish a legal Haitian non-profit organization that represents all 7 villages in the area. It is called PPA - Pwoje Pyebwa Ayiti. 
2. The PPA is building a central tree nursery that will run as a business selling trees to passerbys on the main road. Sales will finance the future of the business and profits would go to a local cause of their choice.
3. The tree nursery will offer free training, materials, and seeds to local families wishing to grow seedlings at home.
4. Plant native fruit and hardwood trees on the mountainsides above the two major water springs. The water flow has decreased dramatically in the last few years and people feel they must regrow the forest above these springs to increase the water flow. 
5. Reforest the mountains behind several local schools so children may be involved in reforesting. School employees with students would plant and manage land.

How can you help?

We've planted thousands of trees, created a culture of tree planting and conservation and provided hope for our partner villages in Haiti. We've done this entirely from donations, sales of Haitian art and car washes (we've washed a lot of cars).