What we do…


Our approach is unique.

We work directly with the communities to fund seedlings, build nurseries and provide education on reforestation and sustainable agriculture.

We focus most of our support on local organizations with non-profit status that incorporate women into major leadership roles and who depend on volunteers to get the work done.

We envision a southern Haiti once again covered in a rich diversity of native trees, and we focus all of our resources toward meeting that goal. 


So far, our results have been impressive

We have distributed over 53,000 fruit and hardwood trees to local landowners over the last 7 years,   

Random surveys average a 60% survival of hardwood trees and a 90% survival of fruit trees. Some years our trees were plagued with drought while others years torn down by cyclones, so overall we are happy with these results.   

We have successfully partnered with 6 local communities so far and through regular training and support we are proud to have built strong, lasting relationships.