An update on our old tree nursery - and our latest work.

In 2011 we created a tree nursery in Bwalo.  The nursery grew over 40,000 trees for the local area. We've decided not to focus in this area this year - in part because we've got so many other really exciting opportunities! 

Instead, in exchange for a small donation, we are giving people the more difficult to grow and more expensive fruit trees. The money that we get (which is much less than the cost of the trees) can then be used by communities to start other nurseries using the existing Proje Pyebwa Ayiti (Haiti Tree Project) organization. We've found that by asking for a small donation up front, we get buy in from the local folks, plus they are then able to create this small fund to use for additional projects.  

It all gets to our basic philosophy - we don't tell people what to do - we just offer education, resources and support for communities that want to improve their communities.  We believe in honest and open partnerships.

If you'd like to help - head over to our take action page.